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Importance of Measuring Opacity

NovoGlossSeriesThe manufacturers need to test the materials and products produced by them for better quality. There are many different testing procedures that must be run on the packaging materials for best quality assurance. However, among these different testing procedures, Opacity test stands above all. It is quite critical measuring opacity when faced with such a challenge. Opacity test is a high-security test where all the layers of ink are present, and no light penetrates label at any area when tested with class III laser.

Packaging materials are in high demand in a variety of industries. The packaging of a product has a significant impact on the quality and appearance. The packaging handles best quality assurance, safety, and freshness of the product that is packaged in the packaging. For best protection of the product during transportation and storage, it is essential to ensure that the best quality of packaging materials is used for packaging of products.

Opacity tester

The opacity tester is used for testing the opacity of a packaging material such as labels, etc. With the proper opacity of packaging materials, the coating of the materials such as inks, etc. becomes very less. The opacity tester is a digital instrument that is used for accurate studying of the opacity of the packaging materials. Apart from these tests, there are also many other tests that are needed to be conducted to ensure the best quality of packaging materials. These tests include bursting strength, puncture resistance test, scuff test, drop test, cob sizing test and so forth.


The importance of measuring opacity is of paramount to a production company. If your security scratch-off label manufacturer does not do this tests to ensure that your labels are to the highest standards, then you could be losing time and money when you go to run the labels on your machine.

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