Astell Static Incubator JBF042 535 x 535 x 535mm, 153 litres. Several Available.£400
Astell Static Incubator JBF040 535 x 535 x 370mm, 105 litres.£350
Gallenkamp Plus II. IPL150, 470 x 660 x 470mm, 145 litres.£450
Gallenkamp Plus II. IPL255, 610 x 840 x 480mm, 245litres.£795
Gallenkamp Plus II. INC250, 400 x 480 x 380mm, 72 litres.£350

 Orbital Incubators

Gallenkamp Orbital Floor Standing, chest style. INR200£1000
Brunswick Scientific Floor Standing Incubator Shaker G25, 880 x 560 x 450mm£1000

CO2 Incubators

Flow Labs 1500, 540 x 540 x 510mm, 148 litres£695

Environmental Chambers

WTB Binder plant growth chamber – As New condition-9.9° C to 60° C (without lighting)Multifunctional control for numerous time and temperature functions with LED displayDigitally adjustable air turbinePatented DCT cooling systemEnvironmentally friendly refrigerant R 134aOptimum simulation of natural light conditionsVariably positionable, horizontal stainless steel light cassettesUniform light distribution on each levelPOA
Fisons Environmental Chamber 090CT, 450 x 600 x 450mm. Old but in good condition.£495

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