DataApex Clarity
Excellent chromatography workstation software are at a very affordable price.
Key Features –

Support of Multi-Detector measurement
Clarity is an advanced chromatography station designed to acquire and evaluate data from up to four chromatographs at a time. Clarity – a top product in its category – represents a universal solution for laboratories. It enables the user to acquire data from any commercially available chromatograph with standard analogue output.
Up to four chromatography systems, each of which can be equipped with up to four detectors, can be connected simultaneously. The chromatography station package includes an A/D converter (internal PCI card or external USB box) and the corresponding Clarity Software.
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Clarity Station – simplicity and effectiveness
Clarity has been developed with a special emphasis on simplification and improved intuition of use. All frequently performed tasks are easily accessible thanks to the clear structure and intuitive graphical user interface. Users will be able to work immediately, without detailed training.
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Acquisition and evaluation of data
Method and calibration files are the basis for acquisition and evaluation of chromatography data. Clarity performs calculations of all common non-calibrated and calibrated results. Instant response to a change of integration parameters or change in the calculation of results is definitely a great advantage.
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The Clarity chromatography station offers clearly presented results of obtained measurements. Displayed chromatograms, result tables as well as any subsequent printouts can be configured by the user.
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Automation, Sequence
Connecting the Clarity station to chromatographs with autosamplers enables you to process data quickly and effectively, including automatic printing of results. Results are printed automatically and cross-samples are clearly presented in the summary table. Unattended sequence operation saves you time.
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